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Radio & TV Appearances

Throughout my years as an archaeologist I have made my fair share of appearances on local TV and Radio and even spent a day filming for the History Channel.

The subjects I covered were diverse and some obscure. For some years I administered the Historic Listed Buildings Database for ECC which led to an appearance on BBC Essex with Ettalie and Jim to discuss the various types of listing and also the funniest names of old buildings - Loblollies was my favourite.

I also ran the Amenities Award Scheme for a couple of years and this became a subject of interest for the local radio stations. At one point I did 'The Walk of Life' with Dave Monk on BBC Essex which was good fun except the pedometer broke which was a shame because I went to survey part of Maplestead Hospitaller Church just to get my mileage up.

For a number of years while we ran the Archaeological Field School at Cressing Temple I made regular local TV news slots and even became an item when I started doing the Dowsing Days - Ettalie and Jim even asked me back for that.

My big break could have come when I spent a day filming with Atlantic Productions for the History Channel series Lost Worlds. We filmed in the Great Barns and even spent an hour 25 feet down the Templar well for a documentary on the Templars called Syria. Unfortunately the American backers for the project axed all the english scenes so I didn't get my 15 minutes of fame. Still I did enjoy the experience.

I am credited in David Dimbleby's book How We Built Britain for my contribution to the first episode when he visited Cressing Temple and I was able to clear up some misconceptions as to the size of the farm and some other points of detail.

Having recently rewatched the first episode of Bonekickers however....... I'd love to work in TV!


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