Concept Symetry Flatline

The Concept Symetry Guitar is an aluminium bodied electric guitar

precision machined from a 32mm thick solid billet and chambered for

and to relieve weight. It has two unique features:

1. The guitar is perfectly symmetrical so it can be played left or right handed.

It is only necessary to set up the nut and the bridge saddles to suit either.

2. All the hardware is fixed to a solid, removable plate.

This means that any combination of pickups and controls can be

fitted without altering the body.

Aluminium gives massive sustain and is strong and resonant.

It looks great and coupled with a traditional rosewood and mahogany neck

gives fantastic predictable sound and a familiar action.

The bodies can be finished in raw aluminium or anodised

to a variety of colours. There is a large rear cover plate so

that the components can be easily accessed without dismantling the

whole guitar.