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The Advantages of a Freelance Archaeologist & Historic Buildings Recorder.

Many people are concerned about getting involved with officialdom because they don't know where it will take them. My work and advice is impartial. I can act as a mediator/interpreter between you and the organisations involved in your project.

Because I don't have the weight of a cumbersome organisation behind me my charges are far less than a commercial unit. After all, YOU don't have to pay for a receptionist, admin, salesman, middle manager because I have no need of them.

Because I don't have the bureaucracy of a cumbersome organisation behind me I can mobilise quickly and I am very flexible as to timings and working hours.

I will tell you exactly what I can and cannot do.

I do not pass my work on to third parties unless it is a specialised subject that requires an expert (dendrochronology or archaeological finds specialist work for example). Therefore the work is always confidential and handled at a professionally qualified level.

Barry Hillman-Crouch.

Historic Buildings Surveys -
Reports for Planning Applications
Impact Justification reports
Description and analysis reports
Walk-round surveys
Drawn site surveys
Condition surveys
Timber-frame reconstruction drawings
3D computer simulations
Archaeological Recording -
Excavation (watching briefs)
Fabric surveys
Site Surveys
Dowsing surveys
Historical research
Topographical research
Archaeological research
Desk-top assessments
Photographic Services -
Publication photography
Record photography
Digitally rectified photography
Black and white medium format
Illustration Services -
Publication drawings of:
Plans, sections, elevations
Archaeological finds
Site reconstructions
Figurative reconstructions
Colour paintings
3D computer simulations
Design Services -
Exhibition design
Website design
Graphic design
Presentation Services -


Web design services
Exhibition design
Rectified photography for archaeology
Historic building recording
Recording archaeological  sites
Archaeological Illustration.
Learn to dowse
Leaflets and publicity
Talks and tours