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Have you ever wondered how dowsing can possibly work? Is it magic or a trick?

Learn how to find hidden water, pipes, cables, lost buildings or roads - even archaeology using just a pair of metal rods. An experienced archaeological dowser (me) will show you how!

Also called divining, water witching and doodlebugging it was once a traditional and somewhat arcane art condemned as black magic. Modern science and philosophy has once again begun studying dowsing and its many applications including medicine and geophysics.

Meet an archaeologist who uses dowsing in his everyday working life to locate buried features. Within an hour almost anyone can use the rods to pick up simple features and within two be tracing out archaeological remains. All that is needed is a wire coat hanger each. Bring your own to make a set of rods to keep.

You will be amazed at your own innate talents.

Telephone 0794 2010703.

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