Cottage near Wethersfield.

Country House of 1820 converted to a modern hotel near Sudbury, Suffolk.

Ryde Castle Hotel. Isle of Wight.

Working in the ruin of Ryde Castle Hotel. Isle of Wight.


Fire damaged buildings Historic Pubs

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Recording Fire Damaged Historic Buildings.

Recording for planning consent and discharge of planning conditions.

Burnt out staircase.

From time to time it is unfortunate that an historic building is burnt down. Sometimes they are damaged beyond repair and need to be demolished. As part of the conditions imposed to allow demolition a Level 3 report is asked for by the Local Authority and English Heritage.

In the past I have been called on to investigate and record fire damaged buildings as part of the planning application or the discharge of conditions to allow the building to be either comprehensively reconstructed or demolished.

Fortunately this does not happen very often but when it does I can act quickly to produce the necessary report so that the project can progress and the outcome speeded up.

Burnt out C19th extension

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C18th cottages completely rebuilt in 1925. Long Ashton.





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