Recent commission. September 2008.
A tentative isometric reconstruction of a C15th small open hall in Bedfordshire. Cross-wing and crown post roof removed in C18th. Site visit and clients own plans.

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Reconstruction drawings of an historic building.

Once the drawn survey is complete it can be used to create a measured reconstruction drawing such as that shown below. Normally an isometric view is chosen but in some instances axonometric may be preferred.

The drawing can either show all the building as it is today or isolate various phases (time periods) to show how the building has developed.

For timber-framed buildings the drawings are naturally complex and time consuming but form a worthwhile and permanent record of the building. The drawings are invaluable to buildings historians and to architects when it comes to evaluating the building for repair or modification.

Also these drawings can be used to create a 3D computer generated model which can be viewed at all angles, day or night with varying light sources. These models are brilliant for exhibitions, presentations, websites, even TV documentaries. They are extremely time consuming but very satisfying and as the ultimate can be animated as fly through models.

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