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Recording Historic Buildings for Planning Purposes.
The Council listing of investigators.

Essex County Council are one of the few councils left in the country who have direct input into the planning process involving the historic environment and listed buildings. They operate a service whereby they give advice to many (but not all) of the District Councils in Essex.

As part of their service they keep a list of companies and individuals who in the past have provided services that fulfil their requirements. This list is supplied to people who require or need recording work carried out on their property as part of planning consent.

In this case the report will be produced to the standard required by the advisory service. In any other case any work I carry out is completely confidential and becomes the property of those who commissioned it.

Inclusion on the list is not an endorsement and neither does it mean that the Council itself recommends the companies or individuals.

I am on the list because I have carried out survey and recording work on behalf of the County Council whilst in their employment to the required standard.

If you need impartial advice on your listed building I will be pleased to give it. If you need detailed planning advice the best port of call is the Area Officer in the Historic Buildings Section of Essex County Council. See their current website under Place Services for a list of their officers.


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