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Drawn site survey of an historic building.

A drawn site survey is a record drawing made on-site of the building. It will include at least the plan of each floor and elevations of each exterior wall. In timber-framed buildings any original dividing walls may also be drawn.

Usually the drawing is made at 1:50 scale and is made in pencil. A publishing drawing can then be rendered in ink if required.

I do not produce CAD drawings as these are time consuming and often less accurate than hand-drawn, hand measured ones. CAD has a habit of straightening out curves and of squaring off corners.

This drawing provides an accurate measurement of the frame and also details all the peg holes, nails, forelock bolts, graffitti, carpenters marks and historic timber and ironwork repairs.

The time taken to produce the drawing depends on the size and complexity of the building. The final drawings can be used to create the frame reconstruction drawing.

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