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Testimonial for a Walk Round Survey, Plans and Report.

We were wanting to know more about our house from the time we bought it, we knew it was roughly 16th century and wood framed but not much more. The whole process of having the survey done has been a revelation and much more interesting than I could have hoped for.

Every timber told a story, down to the odd marks which I had never noticed but which turned out to be taper burns from primitive house lights, and the smoke blackened timbers in the roof from the earliest period before there was a chimney stack. Barry carefully explained the sequence of development of the house using a range of clues we would never have been able to interpret. The final report was fascinating.

In addition Barry was able to give us a good deal of practical infomation about materials and how to care for the house which will be very helpful as we maintain it. I was so impressed I offered to write this piece for his website.

Peter Kohn 15/2/08. House in Coggeshall.

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