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Walk-round survey of an historic building.

Play House Detective! Discounted Rate.

The walk-round survey is the initial stage of looking at the history and archaeology of your historic building. If your building is listed I will look up the entry before the visit and also any other records that may contain clues about your buildings past.

With you present I carefully examine the interior and exterior of the building for its form, design, fabric and any structural details that will help with dating the building.

I will also point out any structural defects, damp or beetle infestation and give advice on how to treat or prevent it. I will look for evidence of historic repairs, insertions or removals or changes in use. It will almost certainly be necessary to go up in the roof as this is where the oldest and usually the most complete timbers will be.

During this walk-round we can identify any grafitti, carpenters marks, apotropaic marks, surface decoration and embellishments such as panelling or bespoke joinery.

All these I will point out to you for you to record if you wish. If you require a written report now will be the time to discuss any further work.

For private owners of houses who are interested in the walk-round survey I offer a discounted rate of £25 per hour.

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