The Green Dragon, Cambridge.

The Black Lion, Althorne.

The Antelope, Poole. Dorset.

The Saracens Head, Towcester.

Rothley Court Hotel and Templar Chapel. Rothley, Leics.




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Recording Historic Pubs - Timber-framed public houses.

There are thousands of historic buildings in England that are used as Public Houses. Many of them are timber-framed buildings that have continually evolved. Some were purpose built as coaching inns but others began life as private hall houses that developed because of their size and location. Many rural pubs were originally the principal building of the settlement put to commercial use.

Over the years I have recorded a number of public houses, some for planning purposes and others for the interest of the owners, occupants or breweries. Pubs are normally complex and difficult to interpret because they were used for many different purposes and processes.

The rear of the Bell Inn, Castle Hedingham showing many alterations to the C14th structure.

For example there may be: Counting House, Commercial Room, Coach Office, Magistrates Room, Sadler's Room, Post House and Stable, Knife House, Skittle and Bowling Grounds, etc. Theatre. This inventory is all for one pub! In this case this is only known because the owner left a will recording what was in each room.

Kings Arms, Colchester marked E.L.B 1830.

Some buildings are easier to date than others and this applies to pubs too. I recorded the King's Arm in Crouch Street, Colchester where the builder was kind enough to carve his initials and the date in the brickwork beside the front door. This of course only dates the brick facade but the rest of the fabric, design and construction showed this to be entirely new build in 1830. Previous buildings shown on earlier maps had been completely removed.

The Kings Head, Bocking.

Pubs often have lots of outbuildings, some historic and some quite modern. Often their uses change or they become completely redundant. If they are in the curtilage of a Listed pub I can record them for conversion or even demolition.

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