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Cressing Temple Children's Archaeological Dig

Finds Record for 2010 - Phase 5.

Below is the Special Finds Register and images of the finds (NTS) for the 2010 dig.

Session 1: 2nd August

Abbie - Fork, nail
Will - Spear point
Michael - Nail, weight,padlock,aluminium obj.
Imogen - Chisel, horseshoe, nails
Ed - Plough point, coin, nail
Freddie - Coin, padlock, iron obj
Harry - Thimble, green man pendant
Albert - nail

Session 2 : 2nd August

Hannah -Marked pot
Jason - Coin, nail, frame
Thomas - Nail
Kitty -Harrow point, face pendant
Joe - Spearhed, marked glass base
Jamie - Marked bottle, coffin handle
Nathan - Marked glass
Amy - marked glass
Sophie - Marked pot, nail
Maurice - Clay pipe bowl, nail, chisel, plough part
Zack - Numbered bricks
Poppy - Nail

Alfred - Marked pot
Joseph - Marked pot
Moss - Coin
Samuel - Metal obj.

Special Finds are anything made of metal and anything with numbers or words upon them. Also this year we included any complete vessels.



Session 3 : 7th August

Lara - Numbered brick
Nathan - Padlocks, door latch, gold coin
Max - Chisel, nails
Et han - Clout nail, nails
Natasha - Nail, fork
Rosie - Lace chape

Session 4: 7th August

Sacha - Nails
Ellis - Chisel, nail
Ryan - nail, Numbered brick
Caleb - Fork, lace chape, nail
Freddie - nail, spike
Maurice - Nail, Numbered brick, thimble
Lauren, 1642 brick, coin
Daniel - coin
Ben - Gold coin


Session 5 : 16th August

Archie - nail, thimble, spear,glass
Jennifer - Coin, nail, bricks, aluminium obj
Robyn - Pot, nail
Ellie - nail, pendant
Jack - Fork
Abby, metal plate, nail
Mia - Coffin handle, nail
Eloise - Pintle, coffin handle, pots, thimble, nail, harrow point
Jacob - Glass
Ben - Nail
Darcey - bottle, pot
Ben - Coin, pot
Hannah - Nails

Special thanks to Maurice for acting as Finds Supervisor







Poppys pic of the dig

Thank you to all the children who worked so hard on the excavation.




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