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Black and White Medium Format Photographic Surveys

Just recently there has been a resurgence in demand for black and white medium format film photography. This is probably because RCHME Level 3 standards still ask for it and Conservation Officers are including it in their list of recording requirements for planning applications.

Mamiya 645 medium format camera
The trusty Mamiya 645 in a dusty Georgian barn.

I am able to provide this service using a Mamiya 645 Super which is an excellent mid-range high quality camera. I have a full range of lenses, polaroid backs and a thousand watt light which is usually enough!

Weatherboarding on an Georgian Barn
The gable end of a Georgian Barn with at least three series of repairs.

Black and white photography is most use when the textures of surfaces are required more than their colour. For example the different types of weatherboarding on the gable elevation stand out more for their texture because in real life they are all a mouldy green colour.

A more romantic than diagnostic view of the barn interior - lighting conditions were horrendous!

I have also sourced a reliable and reasonably priced developer and printer to produce the negatives, contact sheets and prints. I have also been expected to provide the negatives to the Local Authority as part of the agreed WSI.

Due to the vagueries of the world wide web and the fact that everyone's monitors are different I am sure these pictures won't reproduce as well as they look in real life. Of course I can also photograph in colour in this format if required.

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