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Building web sites from scratch. Not just a cheap template.
Optimising to reach your audience or clients

Since 1999 I have been scratch building websites for a number of clients to promote and disseminate their products, services and information. Using Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop I start with a blank screen and custom build a site to suit the individual requirements of the project.

I can organise a host to suit you or use the host you have already chosen and upload the site ready to view. Where required I can manage and update your website or link you to a free php forum for you to manage as you wish.

I employ all the best optimisation techniques so that the sites are quickly seen and ranked by the major search engines without any cost for sponsored links or adwords.

Designed to comply with the DDA.

Why not look at some of my sites that are currently up. Double click for Finest Prospect, RAMSAR in Essex, CJS Engineering, Task Fulfilment and see if they have what you want for your own site.

Recently revamped AMS Sound & Lighting - theatrical lighting and technical support.

Westover Woodlands - arboriculture and silviculture.

I did have a 122 page website for Cressing Temple but this has recently been superceded by a budget one page site.

e-mail me with your requirements.Telephone 0794 2010703.



Web design services
Exhibition design
Rectified photography for archaeology
Historic building recording
Recording archaeological  sites
Archaeological Illustration.
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Leaflets and publicity
Talks and tours