Dowsing Archaeological Features;
An empirical study at Cressing Temple, Witham, Essex.

19. Dowsing records.

The only record of any previous dowsing is given in a transcript of a conversation between Michael Cullen and Ian Mason of Essex Records Office who was Education Officer at the time. Michael Cullen was the son of Anthony Cullen the last private owner of Cressing Temple and the nephew of Frank Cullen.

In the transcript dated 31st of July 1993 he makes the following recollection;

" There are a few other stories. I mean somebody in the thirties decided they would try and find out. There is supposed to be a knight in shining armour buried somewhere in the grounds, so they got a water deviner with a couple of sticks of metal, devine metal, and in the corner nearest to the old pump house he started shaking. So they dug and they dug but he didn't find a knight in shining armour."

Digging next to the pump house which is built over the Templar well nearly 45 feet deep and beautifully constructed of Caen stone is very likely to give a strong reaction. At the time the pumps also serviced the entire farm and some nearby cottages by filling giant header tanks in the stable lofts.

20. Comparative study.

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Barry Hillman-Crouch. MSt PA, Dip FA, BSc, HND. Written 1999 Published on the web June 2005.