Dowsing Archaeological Features;
An empirical study at Cressing Temple, Witham, Essex.


3.0. The south-west corner of the 'Greate House'.

35. Location and major features of the south-west corner of the Greate House which is notably absent from the dowsing plots. Informed that his reactions were in fact buried modern cattle grids Colin Peal did not record them.

3.1. This area of the site has no corresponding features plotted by Colin despite there being a massive brick footing (Figure. 35) that represents the corner of the Tudor mansion. Why? Again the answer is simple. He was advised by Tim Robey and Roy Martin that the area contained the backfilled cattle-grids and the old fence posts and thus discouraged did no work on this area.

22 - 4.0 Tudor brick culvert.

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Barry Hillman-Crouch. MSt PA, Dip FA, BSc, HND. Written 1999 Published on the web June 2005.