Dowsing Archaeological Features;
An empirical study at Cressing Temple, Witham, Essex.


35. Conclusions.

The test day survey results and the comparative study indicate a strong case for the validity of using dowsing rods to locate archaeological features. The fact that over 90% of the participants where able to achieve responses, most of them for the first time ever, shows that with a little guidance anyone can dowse. There are notable exceptions but the author feels that more work and practice could produce a response.

The palimpsest of survey plots at first seems daunting if not confusing but careful comparison with the features known from the excavations and remote sensing show that some trends, stronger than others, do indeed have relevance.

The strong correlation of Colin Peal's records with what is known to be present is in itself testimony to the validity of this technique which, with application, training and experience can be a useful, cost-effective tool for any archaeologist.

Barry J Crouch. BSc HND August 1999.

Bibliography 1 - Dowsing references.
Bibliography 2 - Archaeological references.

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Barry Hillman-Crouch. MSt PA, Dip FA, BSc, HND. Written 1999 Published on the web June 2005.