Dowsing Archaeological Features;
An empirical study at Cressing Temple, Witham, Essex.


30. Analysis of results.

Of the 62 participants only three found no reactions whatsoever. Of these, one lady was profoundly deaf and she gave up trying. Another was a child of 12 years who described her height as 'short' and the last was a Technical Engineering Co-ordinator whose own body field was so slight that his own parents were unable to measure it. All the other participants got reactions and most of them found they increased with confidence and relaxation.

31. Statistics for the Test Day participants.

For the total group the following statistics apply;

Age range; 9 to 78 years. There is a noticeable lack of people aged between 15 and 29 such that there was no representation from this range.
Number of males; 33 (53%)
Number of females; 28 (45%)
One participant not recorded.
Height range; 4ft0" to 6'3 (1.22m to 1.90m) All heights given in imperial.
Weight range; 4st to 20st (25.2kg to 126kg). Most weights given in imperial.
Left handed; 6 (10%)
Right handed; 55 (89%)
Ambidextrous; 1 (1%)
Number wearing glasses or contact lenses; 40 (65%)
Number wearing watches or bracelets; 46 (74%)
Number with previous dowsing experience; 14 (23%)
Number with some knowledge of the site; 30 (48%) Number with detailed knowledge of the site; 2 (3%)

Note; calculations based on a sample of 62. Colin Peal is not included. Percentages rounded to two places and calculated by n(100/62). One participant failed to make any record of the tests

Weather conditions; Bright sun in cloudy skies with a light south-easterly breeze. Temperature hot, peaking at 26 Celsius at 2.00pm. There had been no rain for eight days and some parch marks were beginning to appear.

32. Types of reactions.

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Barry Hillman-Crouch. MSt PA, Dip FA, BSc, HND. Written 1999 Published on the web June 2005.